"If the casket cradles the body and the urn cradles the remains your portraits cradle the spirit of those we are entrusted to care for. Often people see a well cared for body, but still feel something is missing. It is, the persons soul. Your portraits help to capture their spirit and reflect their life. Thank you for understanding how important your part is in a healing funeral and for doing it so well."

-Bob Buhrig
Myers Buhrig Funeral Home, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Since we began using the portraits in 2000 we have tripled our calls. In each of the homes we have served we have left a memorial picture that will last forever."

-Jeannie Browning-Hester
Browning Funeral Home, Evansville, IN

"I love Memory Portraits. The product itself is wonderful. It is amazing how people react when they see them. It helps bring a special light and spirit to an often difficult time. Your staff is fabulous. Everyone is so helpful and patient, especially with a 'tech challenged' person such as myself."

-Elizabeth Nichols-Ross
Ackley & Ross Funeral Home, Cambridge, NY

"In my five years with Boone Funeral Home, I cannot recall an instance when a family has expressed disappointment with the portraits, DVDs, or memorial folders. The reorders are available quickly and reasonably priced. Memory Portraits has the same ethics as Boone Funeral Home - service to the family first. They always are sure that they deliver a quality product in a timely fashion. Their dedication is always appreciated by our families and our funeral home."

-Jennifer Rahm
Boone Funeral Home, Evansville, IN

"We have been customers of Memory Portraits here at Evans Funeral Chapel in Maryland for a very long time. We want to say we have had nothing but very good and positive feedback from families about the beautiful work that is done by the staff. They are all very professional and pleasant to deal with, and are always willing to make any changes we request with no negativity. I cannot say one bad thing about this company look forward to dealing with them for a very long time."

-Kelly Stiemly
Evans Funeral Home, Baltimore, MD

"Ardoin Funeral Home has been working with Memory Portraits since 2003. They are awesome, caring, and wonderful people to work with. The service and performance is great and they do outstanding work."

-Belinda Vincent
Ardoin Funeral Home, Kinder, LA

"The portraits provided by Memory Portriats have been a wonderful addition to the service we provide to families experiencing the death of a loved one. We usually make no mention of the portrait while making arrangements and families are so grateful and surprised when they walk in for the service or visitation. With the cremation rate rapidly increasing, the portraits have been a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one and to increase profits with reorders."

-Mike Hulke
Fuller Speckien Hulke Funeral Home, Eau Claire, WI

"Over the past years I have always enjoyed working with the courteous and friendly staff at Memory Portraits. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure I was pleased with the portrait results. The talented staff and artists take plain pictures and make them into beautiful lasting memories that our families love. Thank you all for going the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction."

-Melinda Lawrence
Harper-Talasek Funeral Home, Temple, TX

"Memory Portraits provides our families with a keepsake of their loved ones. We send a picture and they produce a beautiful portrait that we print in-house. Printing our own offers us fast turn around time, usually within a couple of hours. The staff is always very friendly and willing to help in any way they can."

-Ned Brinsfield
Brinsfield Funeral Home, Leonardtown, MD

"You help bring a smile to many hurting families!! I have seen their faces light up with joy too many times!! Thank you for all you do!!!!"

Wayne Boze Funeral Home, Waxahachie, TX

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.