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We Create Wonderful Memorials

The skilled artists at Memory Portraits™ offer you the best in digital painting, photographic restoration and video creation. Our customer service is unparalleled.

We Create Wonderful Memorials

The skilled artists at Memory Portraits™ represent the best in the fields of digital painting and photographic restoration and our superior customer service representatives are unparalleled.

The Best for Less

Memory Portraits™ provides portraits, videos, and frames of exceptional quality at a competitive price.  Your satisfaction is our top priority and 100% guaranteed.

Ahead of the Curve

Part of our mission is to keep up with current technology. We strive to find the highest quality technology to serve our customers in a quick and efficient manner.

20 Years of Experience

Since our first day of business in May 2000, we have had the privilege of assisting funeral homes in the loving and dignified closure of an individual’s life.

Fast, Easy & Affordable Portraits!

Memory Portraits™ makes personalizing your next service simple and fast. We specialize in turning ordinary photographs into enlarged custom funeral portraits, offering a broad range of styles and options. Our skilled artists can remove unwanted items from the background, enhance the lighting, and reposition the subject to make your portraits look professional and exceptional.

Portraits, videos, canvas prints, casket cap panel inserts, frames, and photo restoration – expect the best with every order.

We Make Portraits Fast, Easy & Inexpensive!

Memory Portraits™ makes personalizing your next service simple and fast. Our skilled digital artists turn your family’s photographs into enlarged custom funeral portraits, offering more styles and options than any other source. Portraits, collages, background themes, frames, photo restoration, and photo preparation for do-it-yourself printing – you can expect excellence with every order.

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It’s More Than Just a Photo

A well-executed portrait is more than a literal likeness — our Memory Portraits™ artists strive to capture the inner essence of the subject and to create a flattering overall representation.

Our artists are experienced in portraiture and are highly trained in the use of Adobe Photoshop and other software. They can take your photo and create a beautiful portrait that is suitable for framing and displaying with your other treasures.

Beautiful Video Tributes

A Memory Video can capture the uniqueness of a loved one and be of great comfort in the moment and for many years to come. Families treasure these keepsakes for generations while also sharing their experiences at your funeral home with others.

Use the power of video to help console a family in need.

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A NEW Kind of Obituary

During the grieving process, there’s nothing quite so moving as an obituary that truly captures the spirit of the deceased. Videobits are an exciting new way to bring the traditional obituary into the modern age. Photos of a loved one surrounded by beautiful video clips and moving text create a touching tribute of the deceased. Share it online to friends and family to ensure their life’s story has been told and preserved for future generations.

We Always Do Our Best Because You Deserve Nothing Less

From its inception, the staff at Memory Portraits™ have had two paramount goals: production of quality portraits and customer service. We have brought on board a dedicated, close-knit staff of talented people who strive for continuous improvement. We are proud of the work we do and the environment in which we do it. Our staff turnover is very low, allowing our customers to communicate with the same dedicated employees on a regular basis.

Just listen to what our customers have to say!

Testimonials & Praise

“If the casket cradles the body and the urn cradles the remains, your portraits cradle the spirit of those we are entrusted to care for. Often people see a well cared for body but still feel something is missing — the person’s soul. Your videos capture their spirit and reflect their life. Thank you for understanding how important your part is in a healing funeral and for doing it so well.”

Bob Buhrig

Myers Buhrig Funeral Home

“In my five years with Boone Funeral Home, I cannot recall an instance when a family expressed disappointment with the portraits or DVDs. The reorders are available quickly and reasonably priced. They always ensure that they deliver a quality product in a timely fashion. Their dedication is always appreciated by our families and our funeral home.”

Jennifer Rahm

Boone Funeral Home

“You help bring a smile to hurting families!!  I have seen their faces light up with joy so many times!!  Thank you for all you do!!!”

Brad Shotts

Wayne Boze Funeral Home

“It is amazing how people react when they see them. It helps bring a special light and spirit to a difficult time. Your staff is fabulous.”

Elizabeth Nichols-Ross

Ackley & Ross Funeral Home

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