Great Looking Videos Made Easy

Use the power of video to help console a family in need

3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Memorial Video

Step 1

You pick a style & music (or let us)

Step 2

Video is customized with your photos

Step 3

We produce the video and share it online!

Personalized with Ease!

Ask your families to provide 25-35 pictures from the life of their loved ones. Simply divide the photos into batches you can fit onto your scanner bed, scan them at 200 dpi or higher, and save them as .jpg files on your hard drive. Then, upload them through our simple order form!

We can normally accept video orders as late as 2 p.m. Central time on weekdays and 10 a.m. on Saturdays for shipment that day. We encourage you to send even more than 35 photos, as more photos make a better presentation, but we may require additional time to complete longer videos.

Preserving a Lifetime of Memories

A memorial video can capture the uniqueness of a loved one and be of great comfort, both in the moment and for many years to come. Families treasure these keepsakes for generations while also sharing their experiences with your funeral home.

You’re Gonna Love Us

We Do the Work

We understand your time is valuable! Just send us the pictures, and while you’re working on other things, we’ll create a high-quality video in less time than you could create it yourself.

No More Time Crunch

With a two to three hour production time, you won’t need to wait for the delivery man again! Once created, your memorial video is available to view on your internet-connected device or stream to your TV instantly.

Music to Your Ears

Music is a key element of memorial videos, setting both tone and mood. Simply pick a genre (type) of music that you prefer and our video artist will carefully tailor the music to compliment your custom video.


Your memories deserve to live in HD! Crisp, sharp, clean, and great for computers, tablets, and TVs. Stream them from in 720p HD or download the file to play from your computer.

Wherever You Need it

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it.  Embed it in your website. Using a video during a memorial service? We can host the video so you can stream it directly to your tv without ever waiting for a dvd.

Creating a Custom Tribute Video is Quick and Easy!